Saturday, 22 August 2015


If you read the Realm of Chaos 80s blog you will know James has put up a post about Zaragoz which poses a number of questions for anyone who has read it. Well I did so earlier this year so here goes:

1) Did the book engage you immediately or did it take time to draw you in?

I was engaged pretty much up front as the topic interests me and it was well written.

2) What was your overall 'feeling' about the novel once it was complete? Amused, sad, confused, disturbed etc?

I just thought it was a well written book on a topic I like - so I guess I was simply happy I enjoyed reading it.

3) Pick a character - are their actions justified?

Got to be Orfeo doesn't it? His actions are pretty justified really. I guess the character who is conflicted is Arcangelo - he uses the powers of chaos as an act of justice against the villains of the story. Not sure that justifies selling one's soul but it is a cool plot device/topic.

4) Do you feel your character 'changes' during the course of the story? If so, in what ways?

Not really although the story of Arcangelo makes you think. 

5) Is the overall plot engaging?

Very much so. One could really use the plot in a non-warhammer setting pretty easily enough. Ultimately it is a story of the corruption and power just placed in a fantasy setting. 

6) How did the book's structure affect you as you read? Did you appreciate the 'interludes'? 

I liked the interludes as it reminds you of the overall story - fits in with the trilogy too

7) Which passage in the book strikes you as being the most poignant or memorable? 

It has been a few months since I read this and no particular passage stands out. Scene wise the duel between Orfeo and Estevan and what follows is for me the most interesting part of the book.

Would I read it again? Yes at some stage in the years to come I could see myself re-reading this. So I'll keep it (heck as the wife can attest I rarely throw/donate books I read and I know I wont ever get rid of this).


  1. Excellent read. Now I have to fill out my answers.

  2. Makes you think when someone poses good questions like James has :)