Monday, 26 September 2016

Bob Olley madness

As I noted in an earlier post I bought some Bob Olley Essex undead. They are on the big side and some suffer a case of bubbleheaditis but I love them nonetheless. Like most of Olley's stuff they are gnarled and brilliantly detailed - especially the figures with shields and banners. Which brings me to these two:

Zombie king

A classic Olley shield


As I noted in my earlier post I've finished off a few figures recently. Here are my latest ghouls which provide me with a horde of the nasty things for KoW.

Zombies Part IV

As I've noted in previous posts I've been busy painting but not posting. Well here is some of my latest work which brings me past 20 zombies. All bar one (the banner bearer) are classic Kev Adams Zombies from the mid 80s. Whilst I'm no fan of most of the 90's era citadel stuff (excepting the Perry twins DoW stuff) the 90's era zombie is a reasonable figure.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Three more mummies for my KoW undead army. Crappy minis IMHO but they do the job. I have three Black Tree design mummies coming in the mail which will finish off the unit - I actually have enough 90s era citadel mummies but I cannot stand painting any more of them as I've already done all the variants they put out. Anyway here are the last three:

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Skeleton spearmen

I haven't posted for a while but I have been busy working on more undead. I'll post up all that I've completed since the last post over the next week trying to group figures if I can. Anyway first lot is some skeleton spearmen. Fairly bog standard figures except for the two Bob Olley Essex figures. Now Bob Olley is a sculptor that divides opinions - some love his work whilst others hate it. Personally I fall into the former - his gnarled and extremely detailed figures are, in my opinion, fantastic to paint. His essex figures from 1986 (I have more of these on the go BTW) are a tad big though so I had to base these two on a citadel multifigure base that would ordinarily take 3 figures. Fine for Kings of War though which these figures are largely for as I really don't get much chance to play WFB. Anyway enough of my crapping on - here they are: