Wednesday, 12 August 2015

two trolls

I finally finished a couple of trolls that were laying around on my painting table for some time (well over a year at least). Inspiration to finish these being the need to include them (as undead trolls) in my Kings of War undead army. These two gets me to a regiment of 6 which is pretty nasty. And I can use them for a gobbo army when I get around to painting my gobbos up. Anyway here they are:


  1. Great work. I have the Cave Troll, but am not too pleased with the paintjob I gave it: I'm thinking that something brighter like what you've done would be more appropriate.

  2. I love that bright but subterranean green that you used for the second troll! It reminds me of the colour of an elementary school bathroom... dank and unsavoury. Great stuff!