Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Skaven and a Troglodyte

I've finished a couple more Skaven which gets me closer to the figures I need to play the solo Advanced Heroquest quest. I also knocked off a Tom Meier Troglodyte for something to do. I have one to go out of that set and they are cool minis. Bugger to clean though.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Some figures I painted for my kids

I've put up earlier pics of figures I've painted because my two older children have picked them out of my cabinet and asked me to paint them (the youngest is too little to pick anything out). Well I knocked a couple more off for them over the last couple of weeks. Added to that is another Talisman figure - and ultimately I collected them to play the game with nice painted figures when my kids are older as Talisman is a good kids/teens game. If one can get over the randomness of course :)

Anyway here they are:

A giant for my son

Talisman assassin

Dwarf sapper for my eldest daughter

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Slow burn greenskins

I've noted on earlier posts that I'm working on two slow burn projects (amongst many) - some goblin archers for KoW/Warhammer and some heroquest figures. Well I managed to finish off a couple of archers and two goblins for heroquest:

All fairly basic paint jobs really - but as filler I'm more than happy with that.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Some more skaven

As per usual I've been busy painting but haven't posted anything of my latest work as the stuff I've been working on hadn't been based. Well I fixed that last night and then took pics of my latest work. Here are the skaven I've finished for Advanced Heroquest and a long term (and I mean long term) Ratkin army for KoW:

Most of these have been painted using a black undercoat and drybrushing the fur (brown or grey) to speed things up with details added with a bit more care. The rat ogre is the exception to that. I'm pretty happy with the outcome and have some hope I can paint up 140 of these by the end of next year using that method. Long term I know but if one doesn't have plans one doesn't get anywhere.