Wednesday, 31 December 2014

It's been a while...

Whilst I haven't posted for a while (a mix of being too busy and computer problems) I haven't been totally quiet on the painting front. Here are some pics of most of the figures I managed to finish off over the last month.

Vampire, undead riders and a ghost

Chaos Thugs/Marauders
Chaos dwarves and a Chaos Sorcerer 
Nurgle champion and chaos warrior
Golden Heroes villain and Talisman scout
A bit of a mixed bag this lot. The chaos figures add to my current WFB 3rd edition Chaos army and I must admit I always wanted to paint up some of the chaos thug figures which are fun to paint. The chaos dwarves are fun to paint too (and pretty easy to paint I might add). The undead are part of my long term project undead army which is nearly finished whilst the last two are other long term projects that I have on the go.