Saturday, 28 November 2015

Even more undead

I've had these painted up for over a week but hadn't gotten around to taking pics of them. Well I finally did so this evening - here they are:

I had to add the somewhat crappy sword as I bought him sans sword

Not really oldhammer but a cool mini nevertheless

I had fun painting this one - a lovely figure for an old plastic mini

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

I took a small step into...

The world of crowd-funding. I love the concept but hadn't made the leap into backing anything yet. Well that changed 5 minutes ago when I backed the diehard minis kick-starter campaign. Very modestly mind you - two figures for 12 pound. If it gets up I'll pick the undead warrior and Slann wizard.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Some more undead

I'm painting up some more undead for a KoW game I have planned for the 28th of November. These three I've managed to base whilst the others I've knocked off are sitting on my table waiting to be based up. I enjoy painting but basing figures annoys me to be honest. These use a mix of foundry and GW paints with some washes added for extra depth.

Monday, 9 November 2015


I finally got around to finishing off Citadels famous, and somewhat brainless, Barbarian Thrudd. Citadel did a number of these back in their glory years and as a collector I had to paint one up. What chance they would produce figures like this that don't fit into any game? None of course. Sad really because Citadel did some fantastic figures over the years that were simply done for the fun of it (yes I know WD had the Thrudd comic but he didn't fit into any of their gaming systems). I have Sanity Claus  sitting in my pile of minis to be cleaned and undercoated so I paint him up for Xmas this year. Anyway enough of my crapping on...

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I've posted pics of some of the Ogres I've painted over the last year but haven't posted any decent pics of the Ogre figures I did before that (other than in battle reports). The Jes Goodwin Ogres figures are brilliantly done and I had fun painting these and thought I would share these whilst I'm finishing off the latest batch of figures that are sitting on my painting desk.

Ogre or Ogryn? I use him as both!

I have another batch of Marauder Ogres that I'm painting up for my Kings of War Ogre army (at present I only have enough for Ogre allies) including three of the Landsknechts Ogres - the latter are brilliant figures but a tad intimidating to paint. But with my Osprey book on the subject with it's lovely colour plates I should be able to handle them. Might take me a month of painting though...