Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My ultimate oldhammer moment

Orlygg at realm of chaos '80s has thrown down the gauntlet - name your ultimate oldhammer moment. After thinking about it for a couple of minutes it was obvious for me - finding out that there are a bunch of people around the world who share a love of '80s wargaming with all that entails. For me that is a love of well painted minis, a RPG type approach to mini games and not taking things too seriously. It is the latter that really is the reason I moved away from playing GW stuff since the early '90s as I found that the focus was too much on competitive gaming. Winning is great but having fun is more important to me. I guess that is why I love a game like Dungeonquest. Ditto for games like Rogue Trooper, Judge Dredd and Curse of the Mummy's Tomb.

Anyway I can't leave you without a pic of some minis. Here are some Zoats I painted over 20 years of collecting. Yep that is right - 20 years. The two on the left I purchased in 1990 at Milsims in Melbourne and I painted them shortly afterwards (I re-did the bases recently). The other three were purchased on eBay in the '00s and painted not long after. The most recent is the mage who I would have painted a couple of years back.

Still working on the final touches for my WFB test game - looking like I'll be able to run it next Monday.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

WFB 3rd edition test game

As the unimaginative post suggests I'm playing a test game of WFB this weekend with the two 3000 point armies that I have - Bretonnians vs Chaos. I'm finishing off three chaos centaurs, a chaos sorcerer and warrior with banner for the Chaos army and adding banners to a number of my Bretonnian units. Apart from that the armies are done. Here they are in all their glory or otherwise (lists compiled using Warhammer Armies):


I'm not using all of these figures. The army is:

10 Chaos Warriors with the Army Standard (sacred standard) and a Magic Instrument (doom sounder)
1 Beastmaster with 3 chaos hounds
3 Minotaurs
3 Trolls
1 Hippogriff (bound host)
1 Manticore (bound host)
2 Doomweavers (lvl 15 chaos sorcerers)
1 Chaos Champion (Army General) with spell tempered armour and enchanted wound weapon.

Chaos Allies
1 Chaos Sorcerer (Lvl 20 Contingent commander)
1 Chaos Dwarf Bazooka
1 Chaos Dwarf Mortar
1 Chaos Dwarf Swivel Gun
5 Chaos Centaurs with lvl 10 Hero leader


The Bretonnians are:

8 Chevaliers D'Honneur with Magic Instrument (battlerage)
6 Nobless D'Epee
20 Foot Knights
25 Retainers with spears
15 Retainers with bows
1 3 man cannon
1 3 man organ gun
1 Duc (lvl 25 hero) with trance and exercism blade, mithril armour and a spell shield on a warhorse mount. Will lead the Chevaliers
1 Comte (lvl 20 hero). Hvy armour, shield and enchanted strike weapon. Will lead foot knights
1 Viscomte (lvl 15 hero). Hvy armour, shield, lance, warhorse, parrying blade. Will lead Nobless
2 Barons (lvl 5 hero). Light armour, hand weapons and shields. Will lead retainers.  
1 Maitre Mysteriex (lvl 25 wizard)
1 Enchantier (lvl 15 wizard)
2 Chamiers (lvl 10 wizards)

Old world mercenary contingent
20 Nulner Landsknechtes with standard, light armour and halberds. led by lvl 10 hero who acts as contingent commander. 

This should be fun! I'll post up some pics of the battle and what I learn from it (I suspect I'll need to do this over two posts!).

Monday, 18 August 2014


After reading a number of excellent Oldhammer blogs for months I've finally taken the plunge and started one myself. So what will I post about? Well where I can I'll post about games I have played that fit within what I see as Oldhammer - and that is games that involve minis that aren't overly serious. Most will be Games Workshop games from the '80s and early '90s before the company became (from my point of view at least) focused on younger players for commercial reasons. I'll also post pics of minis I've painted. Anyway without further ado...

My mini collection (many painted, some just cleaned and undercoated)

Over time I'll post some decent photos of the painted minis as I game with them.

Most of my games collection. 

First cab off the rank is my favourite GW game - Dungeonquest. I bought this with the Heroes for Dungeonquest expansion some time back on eBay. The minis are pretty cool - these I painted according to the colour schemes in the game.

I just finished playing a game with my son who is nearly 6. We limited our choice of heroes to those without special rules - he chose Ironhand the Almighty whilst I chose Sir Rolland. I won't give a blow by blow post of the game but I did take a couple of photos of interesting moments during the game:

Both of us got to the treasure room (the dragon is GWs Green Dragon painted up to suit the theme)

Sir Rolland is killed by the snotlings - anyone who has played the game with the catacombs expansion will know how deadly they can be 

 Ironhand escapes Dragonfire castle

Ironhands route from the top corner to the bottom (closest) corner

Ironhand the Almighty's (my son Zac) victory grin! Total haul - 7100 gold crowns! I couldn't believe it to be honest considering how difficult dungeonquest is to win. And I didn't cheat for him either!