Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Slow burn projects

as I've posted before I usually have a number of projects on the go so I don't get bored. Included in that is my bretonnian army as well as figures for my abyssal dwarf army that can also be used in WFB if/when I play it. The troll I did simply because I love the figure! Anyway here they are:

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Citadel robot

I've had a cataphract class robot sitting around half painted for some time - so in order to distract myself from finishing off my bretonnian/human army I finished the robot instead. It is a classic figure from Bob Naismith. I reckon Bob doesn't get the kudos he deserves for his work - people rave (and understandably so) about Jes Goodwin elves and Kev Adams green skins but not Bob's work. Which is Shame as he did some brilliant stuff for rogue trader and fantasy battle - I especially love the dark elves he did for third edition of WFB. Anyway enough crap from me - here is the robot:

Saturday, 29 April 2017

An overdue update

I haven't posted pics of anything I've completed for a number of weeks even though I have been busy. Mind you if you are a member of the oldhammer Facebook group you will have seen most of the figs that I have completed recently. Anyway here are those figs including one which is part of a painting pledge I've made - to paint up 1000 points worth of hobgoblins for WFB. Those figs will also work in kings of war so it is well worth it!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Bob Olley figures

As I've noted in past posts I've been busy painting but haven't taken pics of anything I've finished over the last two weeks. Well I fixed that yesterday and I will post up pics of what I've been up to (including starting a solo advanced hero quest campaign) over the week. First up are two classic figures from Bob Olley - one citadel and the other Essex. Lovely figures in MHO but they do suffer, to a degree at least, with bobbleheadeditis which is common with figures Mr Olley did at this time. Anyway here they are:

Friday, 31 March 2017

Thug and gladiator

Now I've been slow posting these figures on the blog as they were posted up on the Oldhammer Facebook page last week. Well anyway here is a chaos thug and Essex minis Gladiator (that I'm using as a chaos warrior) that I painted up recently as well as a chaos marauder I painted up a bit before those two.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

More random undead

As you may have noticed I paint a lot of undead. Basically because I'm working up a huge undead force for kings of war that includes numerous options. Anyway one of those is units of mummies - I have one unit but would like another. Add to that some spearman, a zombie and an Essex minis wraith which I can easily fit into my force. Anyway here they are: