Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Some more stuff using foundry paints

A couple more that I finished off recently...

Beastman and night horror devil

Marauder chaos dwarf and Sam Phox - be careful with those or you might poke your eyes out...
Sam Phox harkens back to an era when Citadel was quite happy producing minis that, by today's standards, are highly questionable. The pygmy figures they produced would be the hight of that and I'm cleaning some of those up to paint. The naked women in the fantasy specials series are not quite right either - fun to collect (I got a couple reasonably cheap earlier this year) but not something I'll expose the kids to for some time

Monday, 25 May 2015

Using Foundry paints

I haven't posted pics of anything for a while - I have been painting though and that includes working with some paints I purchased from Foundry. I'll post up the figs I managed to finish off since my last post over the coming days. Anyway here are the first few:

Undead rider and chaos centaur

A couple of thugs

The flesh is foundry whilst the rest is citadel. I was so impressed with the Foundry stuff I went and ordered a heap more from them to replace some of my old citadel stuff (reds, greys, greens, black and blues with buff and palamino thrown in for good measure). I won't totally abandon the washes though as they still work well - the undead riders cloak is a combination of foundry paints and citadel black wash. 

Monday, 4 May 2015

May the fourth be with you

Well I just had to post some pics of some West End Games Star Wars figures for International Star Wars day - even if I painted these up a decade ago (or thereabouts). And to add to things it is my birthday today (41 today) so I can do what I like!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Jes Goodwin Ogre and Wardancer

I completed a couple of Jes Goodwin figures last week and finally got around to taking pics of them. The ogre would have to be the most annoying figure I've painted for some time as it is strangely positioned and has a heap of dead areas on it - namely the chest which is badly defined. The wardancer on the other hand was a pleasure to paint as it is a lovely sculpted figure. Indeed all of the wardancer figs I have painted to date have been fun to paint. Up there with the Talisman figures IMHO. Anyway here they are:

Hey were did my right arm go?
The cloak is the best thing about this figure...