Wednesday, 9 September 2015

odds and sods

My latest work really is hard to summarise in a heading as a number of the figures have nothing in common. At best I have 3 chaos figs, a fantasy human and a gravestone. Bit too long for a heading...

Chaos agent from Chainsaw Warrior
I love these!
Chaos thug and dwarf

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Some citadel undead

I've been a bit slow posting these figures up as I used them in the two KoW games I played recently. The ghost horse actually glows in the dark as it is painted with fluoro yellow and green paint. Looks really cool but I can't really show that in a photo. Anyway here they are:

Mounted liche (Mouth of Sauron from the original Citadel LoTR range)

rising from the grave

Ghost horse

another arcane armourial transfer comes in handy

skelly spearmen

cool filler material (I love the old citadel grave markers!)