Saturday, 29 April 2017

An overdue update

I haven't posted pics of anything I've completed for a number of weeks even though I have been busy. Mind you if you are a member of the oldhammer Facebook group you will have seen most of the figs that I have completed recently. Anyway here are those figs including one which is part of a painting pledge I've made - to paint up 1000 points worth of hobgoblins for WFB. Those figs will also work in kings of war so it is well worth it!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Bob Olley figures

As I've noted in past posts I've been busy painting but haven't taken pics of anything I've finished over the last two weeks. Well I fixed that yesterday and I will post up pics of what I've been up to (including starting a solo advanced hero quest campaign) over the week. First up are two classic figures from Bob Olley - one citadel and the other Essex. Lovely figures in MHO but they do suffer, to a degree at least, with bobbleheadeditis which is common with figures Mr Olley did at this time. Anyway here they are: