Monday, 24 August 2015

Photos from my Kings of War game

Played a game of KoW on Saturday with Tom down at the local wargames club (western suburbs wargames club BTW). Tom took some pics of the game which I thought I would share with you. Both of us played undead although I also used some ogre allies (650 points worth) so I could field a 3000 point army as without them I would struggle to field 3000 points of painted figures. In the end I managed to win a game which involved capturing objectives - it was pretty close though and really a tale of two sides of the board as on one side Tom did well whilst I did well on the other. Anyway here  are the pics:

Tom's forces march on my werewolves and ogres

Ghouls and werewolves prepare to attack 

Tom's centre

My wraiths about to attack the vampire cavalry (they got slaughtered BTW!)

The killing field

Wraiths and skellies battle it out whilst the other units move in

stand off

Zombies and ogres clash

My giant makes short work of a unit of ghouls

Undead trolls and mummies clash

Vampire general leads his troops

My cavalry and ogres swept away Tom's right flank

Where the fight was when we called it

The ogres and zombies fought out a draw

So what did I learn? Well regiments are much better than troops (a regiment is 20 infantry, 10 cavalry; troops 10 and 5 respectively) as the latter's lower resolve means they rout easier. So next time I'll use a full regiment of wraiths rather than two troops. Undead are also tricky due to the shambling rule and it was interesting getting my head around that. In that regard I would play around with my list to make better use of units that don't suffer from shambling as well as concentrating those that do so one can make better use of necromancers that can cast surge on units that suffer from the shambling rule to help them move faster.


  1. That was a most enjoyable battle report. I wasn't expecting such a positive review. The armies look especially good, the two armies look drastically different though they are both undead.
    Hope to see these armies in action again soon.

  2. Well...this weekend I'm playing a game of 3rd edition WFB with my son (well not so much playing for him as he is 7 in two weeks but he will love rolling the dice) using 4000 points of my undead and bretonnians. Much easier to get big armies in WFB :)

    I'll definitely roll out the undead in KoW again; not sure Tom is keen as I understand he is more of an Orc player. I'm also working on a full ogre army (not just allies) which has 7 giants in it! Finally I can use all the bloody giants I've collected over the years in a game of something :)