Sunday, 31 July 2016

Back to some long term projects

Well I managed to finish off some figures that are part of long term projects I have going - Skaven and goblins. All 4 are fairly straight forward paint jobs - having said that I'm happy with them. Oh and I finished another foundry ex-citadel knight for good measure:


Monday, 18 July 2016

Back to undead part two

As noted in my last post I've been painting more undead for my KoW undead army. Here is the second batch that I finished over the last week:

Undead cavalry from the mid 80s

90's era ghoul

Night horrors ghoul

A trio of Mantic werewolves

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Back to undead

Been a while since I posted up anything - mainly that was to do with me being on holidays for two weeks. Anyway I'm back and I've knocked out some more undead for my 2500 KoW undead army that needs to be ready for a 5000 point a side (2 per side) KoW game I have planned with 3 blokes from my wargames club in September. I'll split this post into two as I've got a fair bit of stuff which includes some figures I did a couple fo months back that I didn't take pics of at the time.

I need to add a paper standard to this guy
Undead samurai