Saturday, 28 May 2016

Another Kings of War game

I managed to get in another game of KoW a couple of weeks back at the games club. My undead were pitted against Rowans Barbarian horde. We rolled up the dominate scenario which was cool as I hadn't played that one before. Victory would go to the army that had the most points in the middle of the board. As it turned out there was no difficulty working that out as my undead were largely removed from the board before the end. It was a fairly close game though and I probably learnt more losing than I had in my previous games. I'll sum up what I did learn after the pics.

Initial set up - Rowans right flank

Rowans centre

Both forces

My wraiths and undead hero charge the barbarian left flank (this didn't work real well - I routed one but my wraiths were routed in turn)

One of my hordes holds up one of the mammoths and large infantry (this worked as I ended up routing both with some help from my second unit of wraiths and werewolves)

My right flank hold up the second mammoth and barbarian horse. I routed the later but was routed by the mammoth in turn

After I routed the one unit of barbarians
After I routed the mammoth on my right flank

Another shot of the clash on the left. In the end both of my units were routed with the mammoth and spearmen still in the fight

My skelly horde charges the remaining barbarians. The rout of my unit here sealed the game

The mammoth charges into my undead knights and finishes them off after they couldn't finish of the spearmen. This left me with no right flank and sealed the game
So what did I learn? Well this is the last time I waste points on troops (unless they are missile troops which can be worth it as Rowan showed). The problem with troops (and I used two of wraiths and one of werewolves) is they don't have sufficiently high morale to survive a decent scrap. I also made a mess of how I used by vampire knights who were routed off the board without doing much (they routed a troop of archers). I also made a really bad mistake of charging spearmen with my undead cavalry. Spears negate the benefit cavalry receive from charging (in this case +2 strength which makes it much easier to damage). It was the difference as I couldn't cause enough damage to rout that unit. I also made the mistake of flying my undead hero off into the centre of the board before I had routed the second unit of barbarians on Rowan's left flank. That second unit routed one of my troop of wraiths and a horde of revenants so that was a costly mistake. I should note thought that Rowan played a good game and that some of my tactics did work - i.e. the result wasn't down to my mistakes. All in all it was good fun and I'm looking forward to my next game.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Figures for my KoW Ogre army

Three more figures for this force - by the end of the year I plan to have a 2000 point Ogre army. To do that I need to paint up 6 more ogres (I have 18 now) and 40 goblin archers. I also have 4 giants in that list which I've managed to paint. Mind you I don't like one of them (an old ral partha figure) so I might use that as an excuse to paint up one of the citadel giants I have lying around. Any excuse to paint a giant...Anyway here are the latest figures for this project:

I love these shields

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Some chaos figs

Chaos, but a mix- two for my slow burn Kings of War Abyssal Dwarf army, one a marauder which can double as a armored vampire in KoW and a Chaos Thug which doesn't double as anything (yet). One interesting point to note - the first chaos dwarf below has a metal "cover" (I cannot think of a better word for it) on the base of his sword which looks like a copy of what is found on the spear of destiny/holy lance which is (arguably) in the Imperial Treasury in Vienna. I saw this back in late 2006 and whilst I'm an atheist it was pretty cool to see - even when it is highly debatable that it is what it claims to be...

Another arcane armorial comes in handy...

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Another project - Skaven

Yes I've got another project/folly - a Skaven army for WFB/Ratkin for KoW. Added bonus is that I can use the minis I'm now starting to paint up for Advanced Heroquest which I've had for a number of years but not played (I did play it back in the day when it came out). Anyway here are the first two figures out of a heap that I plan to paint over the coming year - in between other projects of course!

Plague censer bearer - I love this figure

Advanced Heroquest Skaven
I was really happy how these turned out as both only took a couple of hours work over a couple of nights - gives me some hope that I can paint an army up of these in a fairly short period of time. Well short for me would be about 12 months to paint the hundred and forty odd skaven figures I have. And as I go I can use the figures I've painted for Advanced Heroquest!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

It has been a while but I have been busy

Busy painting but not busy posting or playing games. I finally got around to taking pics of the figures I've painted up since my last post which was just over a month ago - I'll post these up in the coming days. First batch is my latest lot of humans/Bretonnians - these being a mix of citadel figures and ex-citadel figures from Foundry:

Ex-citadel retainer
Ex-citadel retainer
Ex-citadel retainer

Citadel C-series man at arms
Ex-citadel retainer
Ex-citadel knight

Citadel Knight