Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween - night horrors time

How could I not post about Citadels night horror range when halloween is almost upon us. The stuff of legends website has excellent scans of the range as set out in the 1989 and 1991 catalogues. The 1991 range is much reduced although to some extent that is simply due to the fact that some of the figures listed as night horrors in the 1989 catalogue are listed under the ethereals range in the 1991 catalogue. There are some figures which didn't find their way across from the 89 catalogue and some of these command pretty insane prices on eBay when they come up - which isn't very often. The three headed ghoul and hunchback come to mind. I've managed to collect a reasonable number of these and even paint a fair few up - and they are fun to paint. Anyway here is what I've managed to paint up to now:

Wights and Ghosts
Wraiths and a vampire
Ghouls and a couple of (non night horror) mummys
And finally my first ever attempt at a jack-o-lantern. My kids love it!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

It arrived!

Any collector will be able to tell you of the thrill they get when they obtain a sought after item. Well one of my sought after items arrived in the post today - a space slann. Cool in itself but he is the last figure I needed to complete the set of space slann released back in the rogue trader days (ignoring the unreleased slann of course). Here he is in all his glory:

Painting these up is another one of my slow burn projects - here are the two I've managed to complete:

I never thought I would get any of these. I don't ever recall seeing them in the stores I frequented back in the late 80's and early 90's although considering those stores were in Melbourne and Geelong (the later my original home town) that isn't surprising. I did manage to buy a few WFB slann at the time but never enough to put together an army. Silly me sold them off 10 years back for a fairly low price on eBay and then paid a fair bit to buy them back when I decided to try collect all of the WFB slann a couple of years back. I still haven't got all of them but are pretty close...   

Monday, 27 October 2014

Slow burn projects - Part 2

I'm slowly working on a number of dungeon-bowl teams - I've got enough second edition Blood Bowl minis for 6 teams and have been working on two of them:

Doom Forgers

Black Widows

The rules for 3rd edition are much better but the figures (IMHO) are not. It is a challenge using second edition minis to create teams for 3rd edition (and beyond) Dungeonbowl/Bloodbowl because 3rd edition had positions that do not equate to second position figures - for the teams above I've had to convert figures to represent witch elves and troll slayers both of which are still being painted.

I'm also working (albeit very slowly) on some blood bowl teams starting with some snotlings for an ogre team:

I've got a long way to go...

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Slow burn projects - Part 1

Like a fair few of my fellow oldhammer co-conspirators I have a number of projects on the go at the moment.  I'll be doing a few posts over the coming weeks on each whilst I continue to finish off minis for my next WFB game. First off the mark are the Dark Future cars I have painted up:

I actually have enough cars to play a number of the scenarios in the book. Having said that I'm waiting until I've painted up a number of bikers and a semi-trailer until I give DF a go. This is on the basis that I'll be able to knock over a number of different games in a short period of time rather than playing the odd game every so often whilst I wait until I've painted up more cars/bikes/pedestrians.