Saturday, 30 January 2016

I got sick of painting undead so I did these

Well I ran into a common problem (well I understand it is pretty common from reading other oldhammer blogs) with finishing off the last of my undead units for WFB/KoW - lack of desire painting the same old things. But instead of doing nothing I painted up some figures I've had cleaned and basecoated for ages and which I planned to paint up as long term projects. So here they are - the first figure of my Blood Bowl Darkside Cowboys team, an elf wardancer and chaos dwarf:


  1. I certainly go through ebbs and flows in my drive for painting. For me, it's usually not when I'm working through a big project, but rather once I've finished it... at that point, I usually give up on painting for a while (in fact, now that I just finished all those Imperial Assault minis, I feel like a good rest).
    Anyway, I'm glad that you managed to harness your energy, because these guys look great. I especially love the skin tone on your dark elf. The glow in his armour is also very arresting.

  2. I'm currently assembling up an assortment of bits and pieces for just such lulls in the future. Having them undercoated and ready to go means something will get painted. :)