Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Happy Australia Day

I thought I would post up some pics of two figures in my collection (the first one I painted years back; the other I finished this morning) that have an Australian flavour as it is Australia Day today. Here they are:

Oz Judge from Foundry minis
Orc with Boomerang
The second figure is somewhat problematic. I was rapped when I managed to get him for a reasonable price a number of years back when I was collecting Orcs because he has a boomerang and that is cool. He is though, to a fair degree, politically incorrect. For starters Orcs are pretty nasty in any ruleset/novels I've ever read. And this one is dressed in skins and furs with bone and feather decorations. Add to that the boomerang and one could easily argue that this mini is presenting a pretty poor view of Aboriginal Australians. But having said all that I'm struggling to think of a "good" range of WFB figures that citadel could have armed with a boomerang if they wanted to honor Aboriginal Australians by sculpting a figure that is brandishing such an iconic weapon. 100 year war French (Bretonnians) and Holy Roman Empire Germans (Empire) and the other historical armies that GW copied/used as inspiration for their fantasy armies didn't use such weapons. As such I'll take the figure as this - honoring such an iconic culture and weapon in the figure range that it can fit into.

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  1. I would say the Orc is perhaps at worst "kitsch" but fine paint jobs anyhow!