Saturday, 8 November 2014

Slow burn projects - part 3

Like a fair few painters out there in blogger land I have a number of things on the go. Third instalment in this series are figures I have painted for the boardgame Talisman and the various expansions that go with it. The game itself is good fun if a tad random whilst the Gary Chalk artwork for it is excellent. And the figures? Well they are some of the nicest figures citadel ever produced and they are consistent with the artwork. They are also pretty difficult and costly to collect. Originally I had no desire to collect them until I came across a heap of them going cheap on eBid because some daft sod had chopped the slotta tags off them. As a result I got most of the figures for the original game, the expansion and the dungeon. Collecting the rest though was a fairly expensive exercise but in the end I did it. Now I'm slowly painting these up so I can play the game with painted figures when my kids are old enough (the oldest is 6 so I have a bit of time). Anyway here are my painted efforts to date:

Scientist, Space Marine and Telepath 

Witch Doctor, Sorceress, Necromancer and Wizard

Scout, Pilgrim and Monk

Centaur and Ghoul

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