Thursday, 4 September 2014

Set to go...

As the title says I'm ready for my test game tomorrow. The kids aren't around during the day as they are at childcare and school whilst the youngest at 4 weeks isn't going to play with my little men. I'm heading back to work on Monday so I've cut things pretty fine...tomorrow really was the last day to run a WFB 3rd edition game. I've also taken a number of pics of the units/figures that will be clashing tomorrow. Without further ado here they are:

The chaos hordes sorcerers
A couple of dull witted trolls
Demons that the hordes sorcerers hope to summon to their aid (and if they manage to do so I suspect things will get pretty nasty)
Chaos warriors - I ran out of time to do a decent banner so used a spare banner from the game battle-masters that I had lying around. I will fix the standard down the track as I want to add a menacing looking banner to this unit. I've also used a number of shield decals from the Citadel Arcane Armourials set which I love.
Mortar (citadel strangely referred to this as a petard when it isn't. No idea why - maybe they thought mortar sounded too boring) 
Chaos centaurs with two headed champion 
Noblees D'Epee (+1 elite)  
Bretonnian Wizards - guy in purple is actually from the clerics range but I liked the figure so I'll use him as a wizard.
Organ gun - I never got around to attaching the spiked ram even though I still have it.
Some of the retainers - I love the guy on the left who is giving the bird. At some stage I'll add a fleur-de-lis to his surcoat 
A small selection of the Nulner Landsknechtes - the famous Iron Crown Legion

And finally the battlefield. The farmlet is actually toy I had as a kid which I painted up. It looks pretty good too and the scale is pretty much on the money.


  1. As always, when I see your minis Nathan, I'm reminded of how my own efforts are tantamount to finger-painting

  2. I'm digging the yellow sorcerer. I don't think I've ever seen that fig before.