Friday, 5 September 2014

Carnage - a quick summary of the test game

Only a quick post tonight and no pics yet - I'll post up a few with some comments over the weekend. Here is what I learned (in no particular order):

  1. Proper book-keeping is a must. I spent quite a bit of time flicking backwards and forwards in the warhammer armies book checking stats for the various units/creatures
  2. Magic can be really powerful - the level 4 Bretonnian Wizard took out the chaos army general and 3 chaos warriors (out of a unit of five) by casting a ravine spell under them. That changed the whole game.
  3. Engines of war can be devastating. Both sides engines caused significant damage which was well in excess of their cost. I can understand why GW changed the rules for cannon late in 3rd edition.
  4. Flying creatures that cause fear are equally devastating - the manticore and hippogriff made mincemeat of the level 4 Bretonnian wizard and +1 elite cavalry respectively. As one shot units they have to be used carefully but if they are well...
  5. Take care using mounted troops near the table edge because if they rout in all likelihood they will rout off the table before you can attempt to rally them.
  6. Don't use expensive characters to do risky things - the level 3 chaos sorcerer was sucked into the void trying to summon a demon horde. Given there is a 1 in 6 chance of this happening the upside (the summoning actually works) may not be worth it. 


  1. 3rd edition Magic...yeah.

    We seriously limit its use (no Wizard above level 1 or 2, random spells, some spells we simply banned ;-) ) and sometimes we don't use magic at all. Better have a GM if you use it.

    For the book keeping, making a "roster sheet" of everything in your army is well worth the time.

    1. I understood why GW limited magic to levels 1 and 2 for competition games back in the day (I remember reading battle reports in white dwarf which noted this).

      And I will be preparing roster sheets next time.