Sunday, 24 August 2014

WFB 3rd edition test game

As the unimaginative post suggests I'm playing a test game of WFB this weekend with the two 3000 point armies that I have - Bretonnians vs Chaos. I'm finishing off three chaos centaurs, a chaos sorcerer and warrior with banner for the Chaos army and adding banners to a number of my Bretonnian units. Apart from that the armies are done. Here they are in all their glory or otherwise (lists compiled using Warhammer Armies):


I'm not using all of these figures. The army is:

10 Chaos Warriors with the Army Standard (sacred standard) and a Magic Instrument (doom sounder)
1 Beastmaster with 3 chaos hounds
3 Minotaurs
3 Trolls
1 Hippogriff (bound host)
1 Manticore (bound host)
2 Doomweavers (lvl 15 chaos sorcerers)
1 Chaos Champion (Army General) with spell tempered armour and enchanted wound weapon.

Chaos Allies
1 Chaos Sorcerer (Lvl 20 Contingent commander)
1 Chaos Dwarf Bazooka
1 Chaos Dwarf Mortar
1 Chaos Dwarf Swivel Gun
5 Chaos Centaurs with lvl 10 Hero leader


The Bretonnians are:

8 Chevaliers D'Honneur with Magic Instrument (battlerage)
6 Nobless D'Epee
20 Foot Knights
25 Retainers with spears
15 Retainers with bows
1 3 man cannon
1 3 man organ gun
1 Duc (lvl 25 hero) with trance and exercism blade, mithril armour and a spell shield on a warhorse mount. Will lead the Chevaliers
1 Comte (lvl 20 hero). Hvy armour, shield and enchanted strike weapon. Will lead foot knights
1 Viscomte (lvl 15 hero). Hvy armour, shield, lance, warhorse, parrying blade. Will lead Nobless
2 Barons (lvl 5 hero). Light armour, hand weapons and shields. Will lead retainers.  
1 Maitre Mysteriex (lvl 25 wizard)
1 Enchantier (lvl 15 wizard)
2 Chamiers (lvl 10 wizards)

Old world mercenary contingent
20 Nulner Landsknechtes with standard, light armour and halberds. led by lvl 10 hero who acts as contingent commander. 

This should be fun! I'll post up some pics of the battle and what I learn from it (I suspect I'll need to do this over two posts!).


  1. Very cool. I dig chaos dwarf contingents. Looking forward to seeing some shots of the game.

  2. Looks like fun. Pics are a bit blurry though: you really need to share close-ups of your stuff in upcoming posts ;-)

    1. fair call - I need to get better at taking photos. Not sure the iPhone is the best tool considering how my zoat photo came out.

  3. A good camera and daylight bulbs are a must. After that its mostly practice. Its not my favourite part of the hobby, but when running a blog its a necessary evil!

  4. The Samsung Galaxy phones have really good cameras in them (and you have one in your household I believe). Taking shots in daylight should solve a lot of the issue, as well as taking less wideshots.

    1. I'm posting some better shots of minis I'm using tonight - they look much better than these did...