Sunday, 11 February 2018

An overdue post - Slann

Been some time since I posted here - whilst I haven't posted for a number of months I have been busy. One thing I have been working on is some slann for the "Oldhammer in the New World" facebook group's painting challenge. Basically the challenge is to paint up 1000 points worth of figures for a warhammer fantasy battle army that would fit into the 3rd or 4th edition rules. Also note that one has to paint 200 points worth of figures each month over a six month period with a free painting month (or mulligan as it is referred to). I picked slann as I have enough of them and I thought they would be fun to paint. Well they are and this is what I've completed to date:

I did a few pygmies in December as the only slann figure I did that month was a wizard on a cold one - I thought that was a tad too easy (over 200 points in one cavalry figure!) so I did the 4 pygmies too. Will put up some additional posts over the coming weeks with the other stuff I've finished since my last post.


  1. Lovely work on the Slann and Pygmies. Love the teenie tiny knives they have been given!!