Friday, 3 June 2016

Some more skaven

As per usual I've been busy painting but haven't posted anything of my latest work as the stuff I've been working on hadn't been based. Well I fixed that last night and then took pics of my latest work. Here are the skaven I've finished for Advanced Heroquest and a long term (and I mean long term) Ratkin army for KoW:

Most of these have been painted using a black undercoat and drybrushing the fur (brown or grey) to speed things up with details added with a bit more care. The rat ogre is the exception to that. I'm pretty happy with the outcome and have some hope I can paint up 140 of these by the end of next year using that method. Long term I know but if one doesn't have plans one doesn't get anywhere.


  1. Nice work on those rats, the Skaven do fit a simple dirty style of painting, I wish I had stuck with them back when I was at school, I'd have a huge horde by now.....

  2. Great to see some of these old Rats still being looked after. Nice work, mate!