Thursday, 12 May 2016

Another project - Skaven

Yes I've got another project/folly - a Skaven army for WFB/Ratkin for KoW. Added bonus is that I can use the minis I'm now starting to paint up for Advanced Heroquest which I've had for a number of years but not played (I did play it back in the day when it came out). Anyway here are the first two figures out of a heap that I plan to paint over the coming year - in between other projects of course!

Plague censer bearer - I love this figure

Advanced Heroquest Skaven
I was really happy how these turned out as both only took a couple of hours work over a couple of nights - gives me some hope that I can paint an army up of these in a fairly short period of time. Well short for me would be about 12 months to paint the hundred and forty odd skaven figures I have. And as I go I can use the figures I've painted for Advanced Heroquest!

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