Saturday, 12 March 2016

A game of Kings of War - using my oldhammer minis of course!

Managed to arrange a game of KoW down at the local gaming club with Greg. Greg chose Ogres whilst I used undead. Instead of randomly choosing a scenario we picked one we both were interested in trying out. The scenario we chose was loot - you place 3 loot tokens in the mid-line of the board (one right in the middle and the other two at least 12 inches either side of that midpoint) and you try to capture the loot. The player with the most loot at the end of the game wins. Now the tricky bit is this - only units (not heroes) can capture and carry loot and once a unit is holding a piece of loot it's movement is restricted to a maximum of 5 inches a turn. So no easy scuttling off the board with your loot. Oh and wind blast and surge spells cannot be cast on units that are holding loot. So you can't use spells to get around the 5 inch movement limitation.

Anyway the battle was closely fought - I ended up winning by capturing and holding two of the loot counters with Greg having the other. The game really was a tale of two halves of the table - on one half I managed to dominate whilst on the other Greg did. So much so on each half/flank was clear of opposing troops. I just happened to clear the half that had two loot tokens in it.

So what did I learn? Well I stuffed the placement and use of my wraiths badly. That is the second time I've misused such good units in a game of KoW. I would also take a second horde of revenants next time to help shore up a flank as the one unit I had did an excellent job of that. So I would ditch the regiment of skeleton spears and horde of undead trolls next time I use undead. The revenant cavalry and vampire knights were brilliant though - those units won the game for me in the end.

Anyway I've crapped on enough - here are some pics with the odd comment as applicable.

Early moves - the side I got cleaned up on

Early moves - the side I cleaned up!

A major scrap

The ogres made a mess of my trolls and spear armed skellies

What was left of Greg's left flank after my vampire knights (I used chaos warriors for these) did their work

My skellies before they broke - they did get rid of a horde of ogres and held up another legion of them - so they did their job
I have control of two of the loot counters (in yellow)

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