Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Is this a copy mini?

I need some advice. I bought an old Marauder Ogre figure on eBay recently and I'm pretty sure it is a copy. But before going back to the seller (I'm not blaming the seller BTW as people can make mistakes and I've bought from this seller before and had no problems) I thought I would check with others who know these things well. I have some experience in the area as I bought some copy figures from a shop in my hometown about 20 years ago - the telltale sigh for me being bubbles in the casting. Anyway here are the pics with some comments:

Double casting on the halberd - whilst a mould can slip I don't think a metal mould will produce this

Bubbling - again I don't think one can get this from a metal mould

Badly defined breastplate

Badly defined detail on the back of the mini
If you have any thoughts regarding this I would appreciate hearing them. A big thanks in advance


  1. The bubbles or warts that you pointed out would make be suspicious.

  2. I agree - the bubbles would seem to indicate this is a copy.

    If the seller has not been a problem in the past, I'd suggest you go back to him suggesting this figure is not genuine and see what he says.

  3. It doesn't look to have been professionally spun cast, the figure has too many unformed spots where the metal has not filled out the detail, like on the halberd head and handle. High chance its a homemade copy.

  4. Perfectly normal work for the Plague Monks in charge of GW's Skavenblight facility.