Monday, 28 December 2015

Playing Dungeonquest with my kids

Well the two eldest kids anyway. Like many games of Dungeonquest managing to survive a trip to Dragonfire castle was enough. In the end I died playing the Ninja whilst my son who always plays the wizard managed the win with 30GC by playing the walking through walls spell! My daughter got out (she played the elf) to but with no loot after she got too tired to continue after about turn 7 - at that stage I convinced her to play on the proviso I would get her to an exit rather than going for the treasure chamber. Anyway here are a couple of pics of the game:

The brave adventurers

End game
I love Dungeonquest even if it is unbalanced and bloody hard to survive let alone win.


  1. "I love Dungeonquest even if it is unbalanced and bloody hard to survive let alone win."

    My sentiments exactly. My son and I like to play it too. We usually ignore the sun track though, coz it's nigh impossible to win within the allotted time restriction.

    I think I read in the rule book that there's only a 15% chance of winning....pretty accurate estimate I reckon :)

    Should try and get hold of the expansions for it one day. They make much of a difference to the gameplay? Or is it just more fluff?


  2. The Heroes expansion is well worth it as the new characters really add to the game with their different abilities - ignoring the characters that simply repeat the original 4 heroes (so you get 8 "new" heroes out of the 12 in the set). The heroes are unbalanced though (the wizard being by far the best of the bunch). I like catacombs but given how much it goes for on ebay I would only purchase it if your really keen.