Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I've posted pics of some of the Ogres I've painted over the last year but haven't posted any decent pics of the Ogre figures I did before that (other than in battle reports). The Jes Goodwin Ogres figures are brilliantly done and I had fun painting these and thought I would share these whilst I'm finishing off the latest batch of figures that are sitting on my painting desk.

Ogre or Ogryn? I use him as both!

I have another batch of Marauder Ogres that I'm painting up for my Kings of War Ogre army (at present I only have enough for Ogre allies) including three of the Landsknechts Ogres - the latter are brilliant figures but a tad intimidating to paint. But with my Osprey book on the subject with it's lovely colour plates I should be able to handle them. Might take me a month of painting though... 

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