Sunday, 7 June 2015

Latest progress on some slow burn projects

I've posted about some slow burn projects I have on the go before. Well I've knocked off a few more figures for the never ending projects I have on the go - I say never ending as I'm always finding new things to start mostly as I get bored with long term projects like the heroquest stuff I'm working on. Any way here they are:

Talisman Troll and Dungeon-bowl dwarf

Ogryn and Slann
The Ogryn and Slann are from ranges (Bob Olley Ogryns and Spance Slann) that I never really thought  I would complete. Cost me a bit to do so but I'm rapped I did and they are great figures to paint. Olley's stuff is a bit hit and miss but in my opinion he really nailed it with his ogres/ogryns - and that includes the ogres he did for blood bowl.

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