Monday, 25 May 2015

Using Foundry paints

I haven't posted pics of anything for a while - I have been painting though and that includes working with some paints I purchased from Foundry. I'll post up the figs I managed to finish off since my last post over the coming days. Anyway here are the first few:

Undead rider and chaos centaur

A couple of thugs

The flesh is foundry whilst the rest is citadel. I was so impressed with the Foundry stuff I went and ordered a heap more from them to replace some of my old citadel stuff (reds, greys, greens, black and blues with buff and palamino thrown in for good measure). I won't totally abandon the washes though as they still work well - the undead riders cloak is a combination of foundry paints and citadel black wash. 


  1. More classy offerings, Nathan. Digging the ebon skin tone very much!

    1. I must admit I really happy with the foundry ebony skin tone - much better than my attempts to mix it...

  2. After 20 odd years of Painting using citadel (and laterly Coat d'arms paints) I recently bought a bunch of Foundry Paints. I like the fact that the Base coat, Mid tone and highlight have all been chosen and they seem to work really well together. In the long run Im worried I'll be using the same colours over and over, but its given my painting a bit of a boost!

    Good work by the way!