Friday, 6 March 2015

I finally managed to finish off part 2

Here' some pics of some of the figures I recently finished that I've had sitting on my painting desk for some time. The oriental ogre was by far the worst - it sat around half painted for over three years! A lovely figure but an insane level of detail on it. Anyway here they are:

R-rated Ral Partha/Citadel Demon

Chaos sorcerer and warrior - the colour scheme of the latter pinched from the white dwarf add for this figure

Oriental ogre and Talisman elf

Three snotlings for my BB ogre team
Next up - the finished plague cart (being based this weekend after I finally finished painting the darn thing)


  1. More great stuff! The greens on that Talisman Elf are really vibrant.

  2. Thanks - I tried to match the artwork which is pretty vibrant. Like most of the talisman figures it was a fun one to paint