Sunday, 25 January 2015

First work of 2015

I've knocked a few figures off since the 1st of January but have been a bit slow in taking some pics of them. Anyway here they are:

Chaos sorcerer, thug and dwarf

Another undead rider and witch (a necromancer for my undead)

2 wraith and a ghost

Talisman thief and priest/minister
I've been experimenting with different ways of highlighting black as the usual grey highlights are a tad dull at times although I was happy enough with the witches highlights which were done in grey. So I've used blue highlights on black on four of the figures above and green on one (Sauron from the first citadel LOTR series). I'm inching closer to a finished plague cart as I only have one wheel and the wood to paint - hopefully I'll have a pic of a finished plague cart next entry...

1 comment:

  1. That ghost is great. You did a great job on him and its a great little figure.