Tuesday, 28 October 2014

It arrived!

Any collector will be able to tell you of the thrill they get when they obtain a sought after item. Well one of my sought after items arrived in the post today - a space slann. Cool in itself but he is the last figure I needed to complete the set of space slann released back in the rogue trader days (ignoring the unreleased slann of course). Here he is in all his glory:

Painting these up is another one of my slow burn projects - here are the two I've managed to complete:

I never thought I would get any of these. I don't ever recall seeing them in the stores I frequented back in the late 80's and early 90's although considering those stores were in Melbourne and Geelong (the later my original home town) that isn't surprising. I did manage to buy a few WFB slann at the time but never enough to put together an army. Silly me sold them off 10 years back for a fairly low price on eBay and then paid a fair bit to buy them back when I decided to try collect all of the WFB slann a couple of years back. I still haven't got all of them but are pretty close...   

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