Thursday, 18 September 2014

Games I collected for the artwork

As the title suggests I'm a bit of a collector. That collecting includes purchasing a few games over the years simply for the art. I've actually updated the blog using a pic from one of these - the healer from GWs version of Cosmic Encounter by John Blanche. Now I've found stuff by JB to be a bit hit and miss but I love the Alien cards he did for Cosmic Encounter. Here are a couple of my favourites:

The Assessor would fit me well given my day job with the tax office (I had to admit to that). I haven't assessed anyone for a long time though...

Another favourite of mine because of the JB artwork is Chaos Marauders. The artwork is colourful as one would expect and it has an element of humour that GW no longer seems to have. I'm inspired to paint up a chaos warrior in the same colour scheme as the chaos marauder card!

And I couldn't leave out Warlock - the art might be in black and white but it is absolutely magnificent (even if the photo below isn't...). One shouldn't be surprised though considering it is by Russ Nicholson  who did the internal artwork for the early Fighting Fantasy books which I read back in the day. I also loved the artwork he did for the Warhammer siege articles in White Dwarf. 

Sadly I haven't even played any of these games. But that doesn't stop me drooling over the art every once in a while! 

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